P0207 Fault Code

P0207 OBD-II Trouble Code Short Description

Cylinder 7 Injector Circuit Malfunction

What does trouble code P0207 mean?

The P0207 fault code on a car is indicative of a malfunction in the injector circuit for cylinder 7 of the engine. This code is often accompanied by symptoms such as rough idling, reduced engine power, and poor fuel economy.

The most common cause of this code is a faulty fuel injector. The injector may be clogged or damaged, preventing it from delivering fuel to the engine correctly. It could also be a wiring issue, where the wiring that connects the fuel injector to the engine's control module has become damaged or frayed.

To resolve the P0207 fault code, one must first diagnose the underlying cause of the problem. A mechanic may need to perform tests using a diagnostic scan tool to determine the source of the malfunction. Once identified, the repair requires either cleaning or replacing the injector or repairing any damaged wiring.

Ignoring the P0207 fault code can lead to further engine performance problems in the long run. The engine may start idling poorly, causing damage to other engine components and reducing fuel economy. It is important to address the fault code as soon as possible to avoid more significant repairs later on.


What are the symptoms of the P0207 code?

Symptoms that may be associated with a P0207 fault code on cars include:

  • Engine misfire: A misfire can occur when an injector isn't working properly, which can result in rough idling, vibrations, and poor performance.
  • Decreased fuel economy: If an injector isn't properly spraying fuel into the engine, it can affect the overall fuel economy of the car.
  • Engine stalling: If an injector isn't functioning properly, it can lead to stalling or even complete engine shutdown.
  • Check engine light: A P0207 fault code will typically trigger the car's check engine light to illuminate on the dashboard.
  • Smell of fuel: If an injector is leaking, it can cause the engine to smell of fuel, which is a sign that there may be a problem.
  • Poor acceleration: If an injector isn't working properly, it can lead to decreased acceleration and overall poor engine performance.


What causes the P0207 code?

P0207 fault code is also known as Cylinder 7 Injector Circuit Malfunction. It indicates that there is an issue with the electrical circuit or fuel system of the fuel injector in cylinder 7 of the engine. The most common causes of this fault code include:

  1. Faulty fuel injector: A defective fuel injector may not be delivering fuel to cylinder 7 as it should, causing the circuit to malfunction.

  2. Wiring issues: The wiring that connects the fuel injector to the engine control module (ECM) may be damaged, causing a short circuit or open circuit.

  3. Failed ECM: If the ECM fails, it won't be able to receive or send the signals correctly, and this could result in an injector circuit malfunction.

  4. Clogged fuel injector: A clogged fuel injector can limit the fuel flow to the cylinder and also cause the circuit to malfunction.

  5. Faulty fuel pump: A faulty fuel pump can result in low fuel pressure, which can cause cylinder misfires and injector circuit malfunctions.

  6. Failed fuel pressure sensor: The fuel pressure sensor is responsible for monitoring the fuel pressure in the fuel system. If it fails, it can cause a malfunction in the injector circuit.

  7. Failed fuel injector driver circuit: This is a circuit within the ECM that controls the fuel injector. If it fails, the fuel injector won't be able to function correctly.

If you are experiencing a P0207 fault code, it is recommended that you take your car to a qualified technician for diagnosis and repair.

Possible Solutions

How to fix P0207?

If you own a car, you might have come across the P0207 fault code at some point. This error code indicates an issue with the fuel injector circuit of cylinder seven. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to narrow down the root cause and fix the problem. Here are some tips:

  1. Check the Fuel Injector

The first step is to check the fuel injector of cylinder seven. It might be damaged or clogged, preventing it from delivering fuel to the engine properly. To diagnose this, you can use a tool that measures the resistance of the injector. If the resistance is outside the recommended range, you might need to replace the fuel injector.

  1. Check the Wiring and Connections

If the fuel injector is working fine, the problem might lie in the wiring and connections. Check for any damaged wires, loose connections, or corroded terminals in the circuit. You can also use a multimeter to check the voltage and continuity of the wires.

  1. Check the Engine Control Module (ECM)

If the fuel injector and wiring seem fine, the ECM might be the culprit. The ECM controls the fuel injector circuit, and a malfunctioning ECM can cause the P0207 fault code. To diagnose this, you might need to take your car to a mechanic who can run diagnostics on the ECM.

  1. Replace the Fuel Injector Driver

If none of the above steps work, the fuel injector driver might be the issue. The fuel injector driver is responsible for opening and closing the fuel injector circuit, and a faulty driver can cause the P0207 fault code. If this is the case, you might need to replace the fuel injector driver.

In conclusion, the P0207 fault code can indicate a variety of issues with the fuel injector circuit of cylinder seven. By following the steps mentioned above, you can diagnose the root cause and fix the problem. However, if you’re not confident in your abilities, it’s always a good idea to take your car to a professional mechanic for repairs.


  • What is P0207?

    P0207 is a generic diagnostic trouble code (DTC) indicating an issue with cylinder 7 injector circuit.

  • What are the symptoms of P0207?

    Some common symptoms of P0207 may include rough idling, reduced engine power, decreased fuel efficiency, and decreased acceleration.

  • What causes P0207?

    P0207 may be caused by a malfunctioning injector, damaged wiring, or a failed PCM (powertrain control module).

  • How is P0207 diagnosed?

    P0207 can be diagnosed using an OBD-II scanner to retrieve the DTC and performing an inspection of the injector, wiring, and PCM.

  • How is P0207 treated?

    Treatment of P0207 may involve repairing or replacing the injector, repairing damaged wiring, or replacing the PCM if needed.

  • Is driving with P0207 safe?

    Driving with P0207 is not recommended as it may cause additional damage to the engine and decrease fuel efficiency.

  • Can P0207 be prevented?

    P0207 can be prevented by regular vehicle maintenance, including inspecting and cleaning the fuel injectors and checking the wiring for any signs of damage or wear.

  • How much does it cost to fix P0207?

    The cost to fix P0207 varies depending on the cause of the issue and the extent of the damage, but it can range from several hundred dollars up to over a thousand dollars in some cases.