P022E Fault Code

P022E OBD-II Trouble Code Short Description

Charge Air Cooler Bypass Control B Circuit Low

What does trouble code P022E mean?

The P022E fault code is typically related to a problem with the throttle position sensor (TPS) or the circuit that controls it. The TPS tells the engine's computer how much the throttle valve is open so that the proper amount of fuel and air can be delivered to the engine.

If the TPS is not functioning properly, it can cause a range of issues including poor engine performance, stalling, or even prevent the car from starting. It can also cause the "Check Engine" light to come on, which will trigger the P022E fault code.

The solution to this problem is to replace the faulty TPS or repair the circuit that controls it. It is recommended to have a qualified mechanic diagnose and repair the problem to ensure that it is fixed properly.

If left unresolved, a faulty TPS can cause further damage to the engine and other components, resulting in more costly repairs. Therefore, it is important to address this issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


What are the symptoms of the P022E code?

  • Check Engine Light (CEL) illuminated on the dashboard
  • The vehicle may exhibit a lack of power or reduced engine performance
  • Decreased fuel efficiency or increased emissions
  • The transmission may not shift smoothly or may slip
  • The vehicle may go into limp mode, causing limited speed and acceleration capabilities
  • The engine may not start or may stall unexpectedly.


What causes the P022E code?

P022E fault code on cars is typically caused by a problem with the throttle pedal position sensor or the throttle body. More specifically, the code is often triggered by a malfunction in the throttle actuator control system, which can be attributed to a range of issues such as wiring problems, faulty sensors, or a malfunctioning ECM. In some cases, the code can be triggered by a problem with the throttle pedal or a failure in the throttle body itself, which may require replacement to resolve the issue. It is always recommended to seek the advice of a professional mechanic to diagnose and repair any trouble codes on your vehicle to avoid causing further damage.

Possible Solutions

How to fix P022E?

If your car is displaying the P022E fault code, it means that the throttle pedal position sensor/switch B circuit has low input. This issue can lead to a variety of problems, including engine stalling, acceleration hesitation, and poor fuel economy. Here are some steps you can take to fix the P022E fault code on your car:

  1. Check the wiring and connections: Start by checking the wiring and connections associated with the throttle pedal position sensor/switch. Look for any broken or frayed wires, loose connections, or corrosion. If you find any issues, repair or replace the affected components.

  2. Inspect the throttle pedal position sensor/switch: Using a multimeter, test the resistance of the throttle pedal position sensor/switch. You should see a gradual change in resistance as you depress the throttle pedal. If the resistance is unstable or outside of the specified range, you will need to replace the throttle pedal position sensor/switch.

  3. Check the throttle body: The P022E fault code can sometimes be caused by issues with the throttle body, such as a dirty throttle plate or malfunctioning throttle actuator. Check the throttle body and clean it if necessary. If the throttle actuator is malfunctioning, you will need to replace it.

  4. Clear the fault codes: Once you have fixed the issue, use an OBD-II scanner to clear the P022E fault code. This will reset the engine control module and ensure that the issue has been resolved.

If you are unsure about any of these steps or do not have the necessary tools or expertise to fix the P022E fault code on your car, it is best to take it to a professional mechanic for repairs. Failing to address this issue can lead to further engine damage and potentially dangerous driving conditions.


  • What does the P022E code mean?

    The P022E code is a manufacturer-specific powertrain code that indicates an issue with the throttle pedal position sensor B circuit.

  • What are the symptoms of a P022E code?

    Symptoms of a P022E code may include reduced engine power, stalling, and a check engine light.

  • What causes a P022E code?

    A P022E code may be caused by a malfunctioning throttle pedal position sensor, damaged wiring or connectors in the sensor circuit, or an issue with the engine control module (ECM).

  • How is a P022E code diagnosed?

    A P022E code can be diagnosed using a scan tool to read the code and check the live sensor data for abnormalities. The wiring and connectors in the sensor circuit should also be inspected.

  • Can a P022E code be fixed by the vehicle owner?

    Depending on the cause, a P022E code may be able to be fixed by the vehicle owner. However, diagnosing and repairing the issue may require professional assistance.

  • What is the cost to repair a P022E code?

    The cost to repair a P022E code is highly dependent on the cause of the issue and the labor costs of the mechanic. It could range from a simple sensor replacement to a more extensive wiring repair.

  • Is it safe to drive with a P022E code?

    Driving with a P022E code may lead to reduced engine power and stalling, so it is not recommended to continue driving with this issue. It should be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible.

  • Can a P022E code cause damage to the vehicle?

    Continuing to drive with a P022E code and the resulting symptoms may cause further damage to the vehicle's engine and components.